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We have tools for the DIY enthusiast through to the professionals that need some extra equipment. From sanders to ladders we can help

  • Wallpaper Stripper

    Wallpaper Stripper

    Professional wallpaper stripper fast and effective way to remove all types of wallpaper leaving a clean surface for redecoration.

  • Large Paddle Mixing Drill

    Large Paddle Mixing Drill

    Ideal for mixing plaster artex paints and resins.

  • Tyrolean Machine

    Tyrolean Machine

    Hand operated machine for application of a Tyrolean roughcast finish to walls.

  • Portable Tile Saw

    Portable Tile Saw

    Fast accurate and dust free water fed tile cutter suitable for ceramic and quarry tiles.

  • Manual Tile Cutter

    Manual Tile Cutter

    Accurately cuts wall and floor tiles. Belt Sander 4” High power sander quickly smooths rough flat timber surfaces

  • Jigsaw


    For cutting shapes or straight cuts in wood metal or plastic. Adjustable base plate angles suitable for cutting worktops.

  • Hilti SC 70 W A22

    Hilti SC 70 W A22

    Circular Saw Cordless 22v powerful circular saw with a cutting depth of 70mm 2 batteries.

  • Wood Planer

    Wood Planer

    Gives an excellent finish with or against the grain. Has adjustable depth of cut up to 3mm.

  • Router


    ½” router for grooving rebating and shaping woodwork. Can be supplied with a jig for cutting worktops.

  • Floor Drum Sander

    Floor Drum Sander

    Powerful drum sander for resurfacing and levelling floors ready for finishing.

  • Floor Edge Sander

    Floor Edge Sander

    Sands right to skirting boards and ideal for stair treads and those harder to reach spots.